Lindsay Crocket


  • Website Concept, Digital Marketing Strategy
  • 2016

Design Brief

Talkestan is a free press platform founded to enhance the quality of global communication. The task was to design a website concept for the platform as well as a digital strategy to market the site.

The Challenge

The budget for the entire project was relatively low. The challenge was to manage my own time to ensure that all variables were not only met but exceeded to enable them to execute a strong digital campaign.

Enter screen
Homepage design
Parallax images
Grid content

Digital Strategy

I developed an organic digital campaign using SEO in combination with a paid social media promotion. I was able to segment age, gender, interests, behaviours and connections to predict Talkestan's target market.

Clean Design
Responsive blog controls

Project Outcome

I designed the responsive concept for the site and together with Talkestan’s founder, I developed a series of catchy marketing phrases to illustrate the platforms ideals.